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  There are many good reasons for you to get started using Dacom Online Backup. Here are just three:
  On the go?
  Online backup is the only viable backup solution for mobile computing. No matter where you take your portable computer, your data will be backed up automatically wherever there is an internet connection and you will be updated on the status of the backups automatically.
  Require off-site protection?
  Keeping your backups stored far away from the original data is a good way of ensuring that whatever that destroys the original data does not affect the backups. A thief rarely has the courtesy to remove the nightly backup tape from a server he is stealing.
  Require immediate access to your data?
  Have you ever discovered an error in a file you were working on but not know when the error was made? Dacom's online backup software makes incremental backups so that you are able to retrieve multiple backed up revisions of your files from yesterday, last week or last month. The number and schedule of incremental backups are determined by you and restoring a single or multiple files are just a few mouse clicks away.
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