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A-Click Backup (ACB)
ACB is a client application with essential file backup functionalities and an intuitive user-interface targeting for simple end-users. It allows users to upload selected files to the Backup server and runs scheduled backup jobs.
One-time non-refundable setup fee $50
0 –   10 gigabytes          $20 / month
10 – 30 gigabytes          $2.00 / gigabyte / month
* Maximum storage 30 gigabytes.
Dacom Online Backup (DOB)
DOB is a client application with a user-interface for easy backup configuration. It allows users to upload selected files to the Backup server and runs scheduled backup jobs. It also allows users to create different backup sets for different backup purpose. Besides file backup, DOB can backup a list of applications such as MS Exchange, MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Lotus Domino, and much more. DOB supports Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Linux, Mac OS X, etc.

One-time non-refundable setup fee $100 (includes seeding service).

0 - 10 gigabytes $30/month
10 - 30 gigabytes $3.00/GB/month
30 - 80 gigabytes $2.50/GB/month
80 - 400 gigabytes $2/GB/month
* Maximum storage 400 gigabytes.
Dacom Onsite/Offsite storage appliance
Our Onsite/Offsite storage appliance gives you the advantage of fast local restores as well as the added benefit of offsite redundancy. With our Onsite/Offsite storage appliance you will have all the functionality of the Dacom Online Backup solution with these added benefits:
Allows local restores of backed up data regardless of the present functionality of the device(s) being backed up.
Offloads overhead from the host device freeing storage and processing resources.
Allow for very large backup sets, longer retention and higher frequency of incremental backups.
Hardware cost as per quote for Onsite storage appliance (please call for a quotation). Service cost for Dacom Online Backup (DOB) is the same as without the appliance.
* Fees listed above are for each calendar month to be billed quarterly on a pro-rated basis. 

To see a detailed technical comparison of these three solutions please click [HERE].

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