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Is it safe to do backups over the internet?
Definitely. Your data is stored at our extremely secure remote backup servers (detailed below), using military level encryption employed by most multi-national banks that require a high level of security. All of your data is 128-bit encrypted and compressed before being uploaded and stored on our backup servers through a secure SSL channel.
Encryption and decryption will only be performed on the client machine with your password, which will not be transmitted during uploading and downloading. Therefore, nobody, not even us, can read the files.
How secure are our servers?
Our backup servers are located in the data centre at 151 Front Street West in Toronto. 151 Front is among the largest, most secure and best connected data centres in Canada. It is home to most of the largest Internet service providers in Canada. Security features include:
24x7 uniformed security guards. Photo-ID entrance with man-trap.
CCTV cameras installed to monitor perimeter & common areas of the building.
Card readers in elevator cabs in operation 24 hours.
Building Telecommunication risers & MMR facilities electronically monitored 24 hours.
Dry-pipe fire suppression system.
Redundant battery and diesel power generation can run indefinitely. Raised floors and redundant climate control systems to ensure optimum operating temperature.
How reliable are our servers?
Our IBM enterprise class backup servers incorporate multiple redundancies to help assure high availability. Each backup server is equipped with error-correcting memory, redundant processors and power supplies and utilizes hardware RAID-5 technology. Your backup data is replicated to an identically equipped failover server for the unlikely event that the primary backup server is offline. Our data centre also sports these features:
Network device redundancy
Enterprise class routers and switches
Enterprise class firewall & intrusion protection system
Registered SSL certificates
24/7 non-stop monitoring and reporting system

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