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  Dacom Online Backup is an ideal solution for those who want a reliable, secure offsite backup. The software included with our online backup suite is easy to use and effective. It allows the system administrator to schedule an online backup and to easily monitor whether it completed successfully or not. Monitoring can be done by using the management portal included with the online backup service and/or by email notification. The security of the data is excellent. All data transferred to the server is encrypted during transmission.
  The data stored on the online backup server is also encrypted. Only your encryption key can unlock it. This is far better than tape or standard hard disk backups as the contents are typically not encrypted and a lost or misplaced tape or disk can be read by unauthorized personnel. The online backup server is offsite in a secure data centre. Should you need to restore your data in the event of loss of equipment at your office you can rest assured that your data, your company's intellectual property is secure offsite and was not affected by what damaged/destroyed the original data.
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