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As your data is backed up to our remote servers, it is compressed. The compressed backup file may be considerably smaller in size than the original data provided it had not already been compressed to begin with. As a result, you may find that you only need a fraction of remote storage space compared to what is being backed up. The following is a rough guideline regarding file compressibility:
Type of Data/file Compressibility
Text files, word processing files Good
Spreadsheets Good
database files Excellent
JPG images,  AVI, MPG, MP3, GIF Poor*
Adobe  Illustrator® , Adobe Photoshop® Good
ZIP, RAR, ARJ, Cabinet, LHA, LZW Poor*
*These files are already compressed and cannot be compressed further.
It is recommended that you reserve some additional space to accommodate multiple restore points. If the changes to data backed up are minimal, your required space for multiple restore points will be negligible. If however, files and volumes being backed up change often, you may have to set aside a greater amount of space.
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